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Hello and Welcome

The Lincoln Theological Society was set up in March 2011 with the specific aim of providing an opportunity in Lincoln to hear respected and published theologians of all denominations and faiths.

How We Operate

  • We operate as an ‘open’ society with no actual membership and no specific affiliation to any Church or faith group. Some people who attend claim no religious faith but are interested in the place religion has in society and current thought.
  • There is a small partnership Steering Group that guides the programme and deals with the practicalities needed to support such a programme.
  • We  hold three lectures a year which are held in the excellent Robert Hardy Building at Bishop Grosseteste University, Longdales Road, Lincoln. We are fortunate that The University can offer such excellent facilities including free parking on the Campus.
  • Lectures are open to all people who are interested in the subjects being presented. Our approach encourages lively discussion and debate in a constructive atmosphere.
  • Free entry is offered to those training for Ministry and theological students.
  • Lectures are preceded by a glass of wine or juice at 7.00pm for 7.30pm.
  • We have an excellent book stall provided by Unicorn Tree Books.
  • LTS holds a large growing emailing list of people who have expressed an interest in its activities. If you would like to join this list contact: email@lincolntheologicalsociety.net

What’s On

Reflections on all previous LTS lectures can be read by selecting the name of each lecturer at the top of this page.

The LTS 2018 Programme of Lectures

Details of each lecture will be promoted at least a month before each lecture.

Passion Plays – The Mysterious Revivals of Religious Drama
Professor Jolyon Mitchell
Thursday 8 March 7.00 for 7.30

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From Noirlac to Conques: Modern Stained Glass and Monastic Tradition
Dr Jonathan Koestle-Cate
Wednesday 16 May 7.00 for 7.30

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The Food of Love – Music and Theology
Revd. Richard King
Thursday 18 October 7.00 for 7.30

(‘The English might not like music but they absolutely love the noise it makes’ – Thomas Beecham.)

‘Music, the most abstract of the arts has unpredictable power, it can touch us beyond our comprehension, and being abstract, can speak to us where words fail. In this lecture Richard King will explore the power of music to move, to inform, to heal, to restore; how music can draw us to the ineffable and speak to us of eternity. This is NOT an exploration of liturgical music, though it will consider ways in which the church has used and sought to restrict music’.

This lecture will be illustrated by a small group of musicians.

Richard King won a scholarship to the Royal College of Music. He was a founder member of the the prize-winning Elysian Wind Quintet and Principal Bassoon in the Halle’ Orchestra. In 1981 he left the orchestra and trained for the priesthood. Apart from parish ministry he was spiritual advisor in the Diocese of Guildford and is now Director of Ordinand Formation at the Lincoln School of Theology. Having fallen in love with jazz, he now plays tenor and soprano saxophones.

This should be a lively and interesting lecture!


All Tickets £5.00, including wine or juice and parking, are available from:
Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Covered Market: unicornbooks
Lincoln Cathedral Shop: www.lincolncathedralshop.com
And on the door.

This will be the last lecture (after nine years) organised directly by LTS. As from 2019 there will be a wider promotion of theology (which will include public lectures part funded by some surplus LTS monies) through a more comprehensive approach under the banner of the Lincoln Theological Network.

I think it only right that on behalf of the LTS Steering Group that I thank the wide range of eminent speakers/members of the Steering Group over the last nine years; the small team of volunteers who have helped on the evenings of the lectures so willingly; BGU for the use of their excellent facilities; Unicorn Tree Books who have added a sense of professionalism to the lectures. Also to Wendy Lloyd who really encouraged LTS to exist and who has used her contacts to the considerable benefit of LTS in attracting key speakers.

Michael Newstead
LTS Secretary